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          • 固態硬盤 mSATA 3ME

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          固態硬盤mSATA 3ME


          ? SATA 6Gb/s interface
          ? iSMART disk health monitoring
          ? Intelligent error recovery system
          ? Excellent data transfer speed
          ? Write protection security
          ? Zero mechanical interference
          ? Anti-vibration mechanical design
          ? JEDEC standard MO-300 dimension


            Innodisk mSATA 3ME is designed with mSATA form factor by MO-300/MO-300B which established by JEDEC, and support SATA III standard (6.0Gb/s) with excellent performance. Regarding of mechanical interference, Innodisk mSATA 3ME absolutely replaces the traditional hard disk and makes personal computer, in any field, smaller and easier. Innodisk mSATA 3ME effectively reduces the booting time of operation system and the power consumption is less than hard disk drive (HDD), and complies with ATA protocol, no additional drives are required, and can be configured as a boot device or data storage device.